Equality and diversity

Policy Statement

  1. The Academy acknowledges and welcomes diversity among students, staff and visitors.
  2. We do not discriminate against anyone, be they staff or students, on the grounds of their sex, race, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, colour, religion, nationality, ethnic, national origins or physical or mental abilities.
  3. We promote the principles of fairness and justice for all through the education that we provide in our Academy.
  4. We ensure that all students have equal access to the full range of educational opportunities proved by the Academy.
  5. The Academy is opposed to all forms of racism and xenophobia, including those forms that are directed towards religious groups and communities.
  6. We respect the religious beliefs and practices of all staff, students, parents and carers and comply with all reasonable requests relating to religious observance and practice. We seek ways to celebrate faith and cultural diversity.
  7. We ensure that all recruitment, employment, promotion and training systems are fair to all, and provide opportunities for everyone to achieve.
  8. We will make reasonable adjustments, when required to, in order to: increase access to the curriculum; improve access to the Academy building; and improve delivery of information.