Heath Lane Academy – Uniform Expectations 2023/24

Rationale: Why do we have an Academy Uniform?

We believe that uniform plays a valuable role in contributing to the positive ethos of our academy. What is more, pupils must appreciate that not all items of clothing are appropriate for a place of work and should recognise that conflict over the dress code is inappropriate. Our dress code is practical and allows a choice within very clear boundaries which empowers pupils as:

  • It enables pupils to wear clothes appropriate for working in safe and aspiring environment.
  • It clearly signals our high expectation of pupils and our strong work ethic, instilling pride in the academy.
  • It protects pupils from social pressures to dress in a particular way, nurturing cohesion and promoting good relations between different groups of pupils.
  • Our uniform is used to identify us in the local community and the pupils wearing it.


Our school uniform can be purchased from Schoolwear Solutions, Match Fit Kit or Hole in the Wall.  We have worked with our suppliers to make uniform as affordable as possible.

To avoid embarrassment or unnecessary cost, if a student or parent is in any doubt about a hairstyle, or the purchase of an item of clothing, they should speak with their Head of Year before going ahead. Pupils will be asked to rectify any hairstyle, or replace any clothing at their expense that is perceived to be unsuitable for school.

The uniform dress code:

  • Heath Lane Academy blazer (to be purchased from approved uniform suppliers, see above). Blazers should be worn at all times. The Principal may decide in hot weather that pupils are not required to wear blazers. Pupils and parents/carers will be notified when this is the case.
  • Plain black jumper maybe worn during cold periods of the year – it must be V necked and made of wool.
    • Black jumpers are not a substitute for blazers. Blazers must be worn and if a child is too warm, the jumper must be removed first before the blazer.
    • Sweatshirts are not acceptable.
    • No logos of any kind are acceptable.
  • White shirt/blouse, which must be tucked in at all times & no coloured garments are to be worn underneath the shirt.
  • Heath Lane Academy tie (each child will be issued with a school tie free of charge, at the start of Year 7)
  • Boys and girl’s trousers should be plain black and tailored formal style
    • jeans / tracksuits / leggings / very flared trousers / very tight trousers / knee length trousers/ trousers which gather at the ankle are not appropriate wear.
    • Jeans are defined as trousers with patch pockets and rivets.
    • Trousers should not trail on the floor.
  • Girls can opt to wear a Heath Lane Academy branded skirt or plain black pleated skirt purchased from one of our suppliers. It must sit on or just above the knee. No other skirts are acceptable.
  • Belts, if worn, should be plain black and not worn as a ‘fashion statement’ over jumpers and shirts.
  • Shoes must be sensible and entirely plain black, leather or leather look (not dark brown), with no logo on view, laces must be fastened and be formal shoes.
    • Pumps and trainers are not acceptable including all black leather Converse and all black Nike leather trainers
    • Heels should be low.
  • If socks are visible, they should also be plain black (no ankle socks should be worn)
    • These must be unbranded.
  • Tights may be plain black or flesh coloured.
    • It is not permissible to wear black tights with coloured socks over the tights.

Jewellery // Make up // Hair // Accessories:

  • Any student wearing jewellery other than; one plain pair of small silver or gold studs in earlobes - will be asked to instantly remove it and it may be confiscated until the end of term. The only exception to this is where there is a known and accepted religious expectation.
  • All facial jewellery or visible body-piercings are not allowed.
  • Hair should be appropriate to a place of work, i.e. no unusual styles or colours, shavings or patterns. Hair must be of a natural colour. A student may be asked to tie hair back for health and safety reasons.
  • Make up, if worn by older pupils (Year 10 onwards), should be discreet.
    • False lashes are not acceptable at any time.
    • If pupils wear excessive make-up, they will be requested to remove it.
  • No nail varnish or false nails at any time.
    •  If pupils wear nail varnish or false nails, they will be requested to remove it.
  • A simple wristwatch can be worn. However, they must not be smart watches.
    • Mobiles / smart phones and electronic devices are not allowed to be used in the academy and must be turned off when pupils cross through the school gates.
    • Mobile phones and electronic devices i.e. smart watches, will be confiscated from pupils if they are seen and will only be returned to parents.
  • Outdoor jackets, jumpers, or cardigans other than school uniform, should not be worn at any time inside the Academy. During cold periods pupils may wear a black jumper underneath their blazer. Hats and caps need to be removed before entering the building.
    • Hoodies are not acceptable and should not be brought into school.
  • On dress down days, pupils are expected to dress sensibly and modestly and still observe the dress code in relation to jewellery. If your child has PE on a non-uniform day, they can wear appropriate sportswear.

PE Kit Arrangements:

Appropriate clothing is essential for the safe participation in physical education.

ALL pupils must have the following PE uniform:

  • Blue and Gold top (to be purchased from approved uniform suppliers, details above)
    • No other tops are accepted. Pupils in Year 8-11 in 2023/24 may wear the plain blue PE tee shirts purchased from previous years.
  • Plain black shorts or blue & gold HLA shorts or HLA branded track suit bottoms
    • Plain black leggings may be worn and must be thick sports material, not ones designed for fashion. 
    • Plain black jogging bottoms may be worn
    • Black cycling shorts are not acceptable
    • Small, discreet logos are allowed e.g. one small Nike tick on the trouser front
  • Optional plain black sweatshirt, no logo
  • Trainers which are appropriate for PE. Canvas pumps or ‘high tops’ are not acceptable.

If students are excused from taking part in PE lessons, they must still bring their kit to change in to, so that they can referee, coach or take part in some other way.

School bag:

All school bags must be large enough to hold an A4 folder and all appropriate equipment and be a sensible and suitable bag (not a fashion accessory).

This includes:

  • Pencil case with a full stationery set – including 4 black pens, 2 green pens, 2 pencils, 1 ruler, 1 rubber, 1 sharpener, at least 1 highlighter, a compass, a protractor,
  • A scientific calculator 
    • preferably a Casio FX83GT but any straightforward scientific type will be adequate
  • Planner
  • Any other appropriate items a student may wish to bring to school e.g. a pair of trainers to play football in during social time

A backpack is strongly recommended. Any bag which is too small to contain the above items is not allowed.

School bags must be brought to school every day.

If any families require support with school uniform, please contact your child’s Pastoral Leader in the first instance.