Careers Programme 2023/24


We believe that developing the individual’s ability to be self-aware, determined and have a desire to improve are key areas to support a successful transition from school to equip students to manage their career aspirations. We often talk about a ‘career’ to young people and this can be linked to a variety of roles that may or may not be paid. However, skills in career management can also support an individual to make full use of all opportunities they encounter. To manage a Career a student will maximise their learning, work and transitions to enable them to fulfil their aspirations and career choices. The acquisition of skills to support employability and to be resilient when faced with change is a key element of the Careers education a school must provide.

We actively encourage the involvement and support of local business and employers and as such host events designed to provide impartial advice and guidance at key transition points through school. This can be in the form of Careers and Employability events which include students, parents and carers or ‘enrichment’ days where whole year group activities are delivered such as the ‘Real Game’ where students examine transferable skills and employability. Students will also have the opportunity to have practice interviews and feedback from local employers to develop their own skills and confidence.

The Careers and Employability Manager will attend Parents’ Evenings to provide a further opportunity for access to impartial advice and guidance. Students also have regular assemblies on themes linked to transition points and Careers during years 7-11.

We systematically ask students and teachers to evaluate the careers curriculum and we would welcome any views/comments from parents and carers.

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