Duke of Edinburgh Award - Volunteering

Programme ideas: Volunteering section

When completing each section of your DofE, you should develop a programme which is specific and relevant to you.

This page gives you a list of programme ideas that you could do or you could use it as a starting point to create a Volunteering section programme of your own.

You can find more information at DofE.org/do and there is a range of exciting opportunities to help you complete this section at DofE.org/finder.

It’s your choice…

Volunteering gives you the chance to make a difference to people’s lives and use your skills and experience to help your local community. You can use this opportunity to become involved in a project or with an organisation that you care about. Help with planning You can use the programme planner on the website to work with your Leader to plan and agree your activity before you start. Before you begin, it is important to check that your volunteering meets the criteria for businesses and family members (see DofE.org/do for the requirements)

Helping People

Helping children

Helping children to read in libraries

Helping in medical services e.g. Hospitals

Helping older people

Helping people in need

Helping people with special needs


Young carer

Youth Work

Working with the Environment or Animals

Animal welfare


Rural conservation

Preserving waterways

Working at an animal rescue centre

Litter picking

Urban conservation

Beach and coastline conservation

Zoo/farm/nature reserve work

Coaching, Teaching & Leadership

Dance leadership

DofE Leadership

Group leadership

Head student

Sports leadership

Music tuition

Leading a voluntary organisation group

  • Girls’ Venture Corps
  • Sea Cadets
  • Air Cadets
  • Jewish Lads’ and Girls’Brigade
  • St John Ambulance
  • Scout Association  
  • Air Training Corps
  • Army Cadet Force
  • Boys’ Brigade
  • CCF
  • Church Lads’ & Girls’ Brigade
  • Girlguiding UK
  • Girls’ Brigade

Helping a charity or a community organisation


Being a charity intern

Being a volunteer lifeguard

Event management


Mountain rescue

Religious education

Serving a faith community

Supporting a charity

Working in a charity shop

Community Action & Raising Awareness


Cyber safety

Council representation

Drug & alcohol education

Home accident prevention

Neighbourhood watch

Peer education

Personal safety

Promotion & PR

Road safety