Please note that our subject pages are currently being updated as we move across to the United Learning Curriculum. If you have any queries regarding our curriculum, please contact us.

The Science 5curriculum is structured as a five year curriculum so that earlier topics provide the foundation knowledge and skills which are then further developed and consolidated throughout the curriculum.

In Year 7, pupils begin studying the foundation concepts of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. For example, they study particle theory, cellular biology, energy and electricity in order to provide the fundamental knowledge required in biology, chemistry and physics. In addition, students develop their investigative skills to enable them to apply these fundamental ideas further for example by modelling digestion and exploring changing state in practical investigations,

Moving into Year 8 pupils build on their fundamental knowledge through exploring the actions of forces and waves in Physics. In Chemistry students investigate the interactions of atoms in chemical reactions and further explore the processes essential for the existence of biological life including genetics and inheritance.

In Year 9, students revisit and delve deeper to build further on their knowledge of energy, electricity, bonding, cells and organisation of organisms. They will investigate how substances move between cells by osmosis and how salts are made by neutralisation reactions and crystallisation.

Moving into Year 10 students continue to deepen their understanding of topics such as bioenergetics and homeostasis in Biology. These studies are supported by investigative work into the rate of photosynthesis and exploring how reaction time is affected by a range of factors. In Chemistry students explore energy in reactions and reaction rate through investigating a range of chemical reactions. In Physics students deepen their knowledge as they explore the atom and nuclear decay alongside waves and magnetism.

In Year 11 students consolidate their studies through field work to explore Ecology in Year 11 Biology. In Chemistry students explore the evolution of the Earth's atmosphere and the fascinating range of resources we obtain from the earth. Students complete their study of Physics by further exploring Forces in Physics including ideas such as momentum. Students then consolidate their knowledge and skills in an extensive revision program ahead of completing their GCSE exams.